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Bianca - The Ultimate For Her

5:12 Minute HD Video: Naked MILS suspension. Bound tightly, suspended, naked, vulnerable,. And nothing that she could do about it. Challenging him with her eyes as he lays his hands on her. Staring at him, trying to tell him that there was nothing that he could do that she could not handle. Teasing, tormenting her naked body. Sexually arousing her to a point of no return. Because he had done it to her before. Maybe not all at one time. That would be the only difference. And, as before, she would enjoy it.
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Amanda - Tightly Bound (HD)

3:44 Minute HD Video: It was how he liked her, how he wanted her to be. And how she wanted to be. She could struggle as much as she wanted; she did that. But she could not - would not - escape from the ropes. He also liked her exposed, like her perky young breasts and her hard as diamond nipples. And there was nothing she could do about it. Her cut-off jeans? It would not take much to slide them down her legs. And make her fully exposed. That's how he really lliked her. And, if the truth be known, that's how she wanted to be.
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Sally - The Ropes Are Tight, Very tight

5:11 Minute HD Video: And they will leave marks on her soft, young body. Marks that will remind her of today. There's nothing more clear from this that the fact that Sally likes her bondage tight. With no hope of escape. And that's what he does to her. Her wrists bound behind her back, her elbows touching from the ropes. Her legs frogtied, then hogtied. And ballgagged. Barely able to move, the only sounds that she can make is whimpers and moans. that's how it should be; that's how it is
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Bianca: He Did His Work Well

5:14 minute bondage Video: He wanted to tie her in a way that she could come close to reaching between her legs and pushing her body over that sexual edge. His bondage got it started. She knew how to fire up that sweet spot between her legs; she thought that she could get it the rest of the way. But she couldn't; he added emotional frustration to the sexual frustration. All she could do was grab the edge of her panties and yank hard. But it just made it worse.
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Amanda and Alina: Alina's Erotic torment

5:18 Minute Bondage Video: The cute young blonde, Alina, is again learning that there are many ways to be aroused. Tickllng, teasing, and erotic torment. MNo spot on her body was safe, including that sweet spot between her legs. And who better to do the teaching than her friend, Amanda. Alina can struggle as much as she wants, she can make those noses from behind the duct tape gag. But it won't matter. Not for a moment. At least not until Alina's body is pushed over that sexual edge.
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Danita: He Knows What She Wants

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: She leaves no doubt if it. She wants him. To feel him between her legs. Whether it be his fingers or that art of his body that will make her feel like he is splitting her in half. Looking up at him, fire burning in her eyes. Rolling around, spreading her legs as best she cn. And the scent of an aroused young woman filling the room.
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Kayleigh: Tickling A Horny Minx

5:17 Minute Bondage Video: Its what tickling does to her. It gets her aroused, her sexual engine running hard. He knows that. His erotic torment is to tickle her, anywhere on her exposed body. There's nothing she can do to put the fire out. She struggle, to try to get out of his way. But she doesn't succeed; it just gets him to do it more. And when he is done and leaves the room, her struggling increases. To no avail. Thos sexual flames just burn brighter.
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Rose: She Gets To Make The Choice.

5:20 Minute Bondage Video: The bondage today was a challenge. Her young body pulled tight between by the ropes. And at one end if she pulls to hard the results can be a problem. but he also has her wrists bound so very close to that sweet spot between her legs. Temptation to use her fingers to excite her sexual engine. But if she gets too aroused, he fire between her legs burning hotter, she will try to stretch her fingers even closer to that spot, pulling on the rope on the other end. She gets to make the choice.
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Aisha: Rock. Paper. Scissors. Bondage

5:20 Minute Bondage Video: The first part of it is a game played by two people. But for them the results are interesting. If she wins, they go out to dinner. Together. If sheloses, however, he goes out to dinner. And she stays at home, tightly bound. Like today. On the floor, her wrists and ankles bound then hogtied. And duct tape gagged. Waiting for him to eventually return. And getting more hungry by the moment.
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Tessa: His Young Blonde Bondage Toy

4:36 Minute Bondage Video: That's what she was. His bondage toy. She knew it. And she liked it, too. It made her feel warm all over. That even though she was bound and gagged, with no chance of escape, she never felt in danger. He was always watching her. And he would never let anything bad happen to his toy. though he would tickle, teasy and sexually torment her. but that's the way it was. And she hoped that it would always be that wa
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Jacqueline: It's Not Over Yet

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: She awoke thinking that yesterday was simply a dream. A bad dream. But in a moment she realized that it wasn't, that it was reality, that yesterday was tight bondage, and today was more of it. One the floor, her wrists and ankles bound, then hogtied. A rope pulling her elbows together tight and hard. A ball gag pulled tight in her mouth. She didn't know who was doing this to her. She also didn't know why. Maybe she will find out. But until she does she wasn't going anywhere. The ropes made sure of that.
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Rose: His Toy

5:41 Minute Bondage Video: And she enjoys it, too. Think otherwise? Of course we're hearing those whimpering, but if you look really close you can see the shine in her eyes and almost see the smile, even behind the duct tape. Why does she enjoy it? first, because she likes the teasing, tickling and the erotic torment. but most important because at that moment she is the center of his attention.
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Maci: Mirror, Mirror On The Floor

5:07 Minute Bondage Video: It was the only thing that was going through her moment right now. How she looked as a damsel in distress. Tightly bound, a ball gag jammed into her mouth, nearly nude. That the way she was he could do whatever he waned to do when he returned. Whenever that was. Yet she found the it aroused her. Whether that was supposed to happen didn't matter. It did happen..
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Tessa: To Tie The Knot

4:51 Minute Bondage Video: That was her dream, her wildest fantasy. To be his for eternity. And to start tying the knot in only a way that he could do it. Bondage and rose petals.. Would it ever happen. Maybe. Some day.
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Rose: He Had Done This Before

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: He had bound her like this before. Not the same but close enough that she knew - at least she was almost sure - what would happen next. She wasn' wearing panties beneath her cut-off jeans; when he sliced them fro m her young body there would be no protection at all t that near soaked honey spot between her legs. And she would feel him sliding deep inside her, as though he was splitting her body in half. She couldn't prevent him from doing that; after the last time that wasn't what she wanted.
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She Might Be enjoying It.

5:06 Minute Bondage Video: If someone was watching here, that would not be what they thought. The sounds, the constant struggling, rolling in the ground. But it was what she wanted. To be wearing only her white near-sheer panties. The rest of her body, especially her firm young breasts, wanted to be touched, teased, tickled, sexually tormented. It was what she need, what she craved. and he knew that.
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